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Machine integration made easy

Machine integration made easy
Miniature QM light barriers from Eltrotec

Eltrotec is launching a new miniature light barrier. The QM product range has been specifically developed for automation tasks in the packaging and filling sectors. The light barriers are as small as three sugar cubes and are robust and easy to
install. The variety of different designs ensures that the right light barrier is available for each application.

The miniature light barriers are available as through-beam or reflection light barriers with a variety of different operating ranges. The options start with reflection models with a distance of 250, 400 or 1,000 mm, through 4 m for transparent and 5 m for nontransparent
objects, to 20 m for through-beam versions. Using red light with a 630 nm wavelength ensures ambient light immunity, i.e. adjustments can be made at any time, even under bright artificial or natural light.

For production scanning, several QM miniature light barriers can be mounted in parallel, without impacting upon each other. They have a switching frequency of 2 kHz and are available with PNP or NPN outputs for switching between light and dark. The housing
complies with IP 67. It is made of PBT plastic, or stainless steel as an additional option, which is of particular interest to the food processing industry. The sensors are completely encapsulated in artificial resin to protect them from vibration. Versions with an M8
connector, M8 with cable or M12 pigtail connector are available for connecting the senso to the 10 – 30 VDC power supply. The miniature light barriers also offer a range of mounting options. They have a stainless steel bracket which allows alignment on three
axes or a retaining clip, closed on three sides, which makes mounting particularly easy and secure. The housing dimensions of 31 x 12.8 x 21 mm allow integration into all applications and the CE and UL labeling facilitates use throughout the world. 






The new miniature QM light barrier has been specifically developed for automation in the
packaging and filling sectors. It is compact, robust and easy to mount.

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